About us

Our greetings to you and for taking the time to check our EXCLUSIVE and UNIQUE marriage introduction site.  What you will NOT find here is the Online Bullshit that the major dating sites cause you with endless disappointments, wasted time and wasted money!  This site was created by men with a mission and who are of the rare few who have actually been in your shoes and actually involved as an online dater.  We have experienced just about all the major scams imaginable, had dozens of online heartbreaks and met dishonest, deceptive women over a period of 20 years.  The Founder is considered a WORLD EXPERT about online dating, simply because he has lived more of it than most anyone out there, but also NOT afraid to share those embarrassing moments in order that you do not experience the same.

Our dating site features a One-Price ALL INCLUSIVE package that allows you FREE CORRESPONDENCE & VIDEO CHAT*!

For one monthly price you get:  FREE IM, Chat Rooms, Texts and where available, VIDEO CHAT!  NO more credits, NO more fees for letter or photos and NO MORE Video Chat per minute costs!  You'll SAVE money over your current monthly Online Dating budget!!!  Compare the cost with what you currently spend each month.

We have teamed up with trusted resources in Kiev, Odessa, Nikolaev and Berdyansk who we have challenged to only provide us the BEST OF THE BEST hand-selected women who are MARRIAGE-MINDED.  These women are required to know or to begin studying English when they make a profile.  In order to maintain a profile they must continue in these lessons.  Girls who agree to be involved in a Romance Tour must be available to meet, with NO excuses.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are an EVOLVING website! Each profile will eventually preview a select number of High Quality, natural HD photos and at least 2 HD videos so you have an honest assessment of the appearance of the woman you may wish to meet.  This is a new site, so bear with us as we develop and obtain the quality standard we strive for.

Our Romance Tours will be scheduled throughout the year and offering various themes so couples may have fun interacting with each other, thereby increasing the chances of a more successful meeting.  We want to increase your odds of finding a good woman and allowing her to see the type man you are as a future husband.


*Video chat available those members who have webcam access.